Data Visualization, Business Intelligence & Reporting
Engage us to create high performing, appealing visualizations that engage business. Our teams include UI/UX subject matter express, business analysts and data integration analysts. We understanding your decision making process, information needs and design reports that provide actionable insights to decision makers. Some technologies we use include:
Data Integration
We create high-performing data integration jobs that stand the test of time. We include data quality, data integrity and business rules validation as part of our jobs. Irrespective of technology in use, all our jobs are performance optimized and designed to be re-executable in event of hardware production failures. We work across all data formats, and integrate AI & NLP processing into our flows. When we work on MPP (Massively Parallel Processing) technologies, our jobs scale both vertically and horizontally with infrastructure, negating the need to re-design / re-deploy when data volumes grow.
We support Relational, Appliance, Columnar, No-SQL, In-memory & file based databases. We believe that data should be saved in a format that secure, distributed, responsive and audit friendly. We work with all major databases including following:
Application Development
We build stable, secure, cloud-friendly, high-performing, reactive user friendly applications that are scalable, bug free and take maximum advantage of data available to the enterprise. We prefer using following technologies for our application development work:
Mobile App Development
We build mobile applications that are user friendly, work on variety of mobile phones, tablets. We use both hybrid and native platforms to build Mobile apps. Technologies that we prefer during mobile app development include:
We use secure CI-CD pipelines to deploy our UI, Backend, ETL, SQL code. All our code is version controlled in GitHub, and we use GitHub’s native capabilities to build, deploy both front and end back-end code directly on AWS clusters.
Artificial Intelligence
We believe in incorporating Artificial Intelligence in every aspect of our applications. Pre-trained open-source AI for Vision, Optimization & Natural Language processing and training data for AI is now available and becoming easier to integrate into web, mobile and data application workflows. Our strength in Data Integration and Analytics allows us to create massive volumes of clean data to train smarter AI.