We help you derive value from your data with our solutions.

Y Point Analytics is a full-big data and analytics services and solutions provider that collaborates with businesses to disrupt industries and expectations


Data Strategy

Y Point’s data strategy offering will be aligned with your organizational goals and key metrics that you would like to track. We focus on interactions between processes, applications, and data to conceptually understand the enterprise data model and flow of data across the enterprise. We perform extensive architectural, process and data flow audits to understand the current state of your data.

Business Intelligence

YPoint’s Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Visualization practice helps you identify business impacting metrics and then get the appropriate visualization for them. We create operational dashboards and compliance reports. We simplify the presentation of your data to let your numbers tell a better story.

Senior Care

Our Healthcare Analytics offerings are powered by data-driven transformations. Our technical and healthcare domain expert’s teams seamlessly combine strategy, big data and advanced analytics, and implementation processes to change the way healthcare companies perceive business decisions, and act on it.

Data Integration with CloverETL

We have expertise in the latest ETL tools that visualize data integration in real time and allow us to rapidly build high quality jobs significantly reducing the build and maintenance costs for our clients. We leverage the efficiencies of an Integration Competency Center (ICC) to rapidly build using standardized data integration patterns.

Artificial Intelligence
Our clients look for artificial intelligence solutions to cater complex modelling of a problem based on a detailed understanding of the existing business processes and wider business challenges.
Marketing Analytics

YPoint’s Marketing Analytics offering helps you measure, manage, and analyze your marketing efforts to maximize your marketing department’s effectiveness and optimize your ROI. We analyze each marketing campaign to see which one is working and which one is not.

School of Data
Data Analytics has been around for a long while, it wasn’t until few years that its importance in the business field has been realized. Analytics empowers professionals to convert massive data and statistical and quantitative analysis into powerful insights that can drive competent decisions.
Federal Analytics

Every federal agency generates tons of data each year. As and when new systems are developed, the old documentation is digitized and hence more data is generated. Federal agencies understand that data analytics and intelligence can help them unlock the government of the future—better operations, better public service and better decision making for its citizens.

Low Income Housing Analytics
Ypoint expertise in providing analytics for low-income housing will support your business in making key executive decisions that drive greater success in making affordable housing available to those in need Our technical expertise, business acumen and industry expertise including HUD policies and regulations will help empower your agency to make more informed, data-driven decisions to meet organization goals.
Custom Data App
  • Step 1: Data Extraction using Python
  • Step 2: Processing the Extracted data using PySpark
  • Step 3: Building API for Front-end calls
  • Step 4: Visualizations built in Angular8 using D3.js framework
Data Warehouse & MDM
A well conceptualized Data Warehouse and a MDM application from the foundation of a data driven enterprise. At Y-point a Data Warehouse is an application that acts like a video camera, capturing specific integrated information and providing rapid ability to surgically play back captured information over time. This fundamental capability allows an enterprise to slice and dice events & facts to improve the decision making process.
BPO Scrap Metal

Scrap metal recycling helps our environment by reducing the need to mine & process metals. It reduces CO2 emissions, prevents water pollution, lowers energy consumption, metal waste, and prevents global warming. We are the experts in the complicated and convoluted business process of metal scrap identification, procurement, shipment and payment. Our team handles transactions and attends to queries around the clock for our clients and generate more than $25 million of invoice value each year with an incredible accuracy

Data Analytics in Power BI
We have created PowerBI dashboards for ATF (Alcohol Tobacco and Firearm) and HQI (Health Quality Innovators). Our team is not only an expert in data visualization, but we also understand the complicated process of reading and integrating data across several different types of data sources. We can help you migrate your existing reporting platform into PowerBI.
Legal Analytics

Using modern Natural Language processing, our team has trained a machine learning model using prior case material. This model can automatically analyze court case content and figure out the most likely judgment

Route Planning and Route Optimization
As part of our meal delivery application we have built an artificial intelligence (AI) application that can take 1000’s of delivery points and within minutes group them into linear or circular routes. The solution optimizes the total delivery time / distance across all the routes. After grouping delivery points into routes, we also sequence all deliveries to optimize for delivery time or distance. Our meal delivery solution can be scaled up to deliver medicines / pizza / packages, collect blood samples etc. It can also be integrated into existing applications.

Performance Issues in Analytics

You are working on an analytics project and you are continuously plagued by performance issues. No matter what patch you apply these issues don’t seem to go away. When you fix one part of your application, problems creep up in other. Not just that, your existing analytic applications that used to perform, are now slowing down. Business demand for real time data is growing, but your analytic applications seem to slow down as the data that you use grows.