Our Healthcare Analytics offerings are powered by data-driven transformations. Our technical and healthcare domain expert’s teams seamlessly combine strategy, big data and advanced analytics, and implementation processes to change the way healthcare companies perceive business decisions, and act on it. We empower healthcare providers with the power of big data and its potential to predict when someone might be at risk of a health event. For Elder care we specialize in big data and analytics services using sensor’s data, medical device data, and data mining using medical history. Thus leveraging integrated data from multiple sources we solve specific problems for Seniors’ healthcare related issues.

our serivce offerings

Our Senior Care Analytics service offerings cover dashboard development, predictive analytics, decision support systems and all the way till machine learning driven systems.
data-driven analysis
deep insights
smart care decision
care intelligence
Fall Prediction / Fall Analytics
Dementia Detection
Health Data from Wearable Devices
Caregiver & Family member notifications
Detect change in health conditions
Senior Meal Delivery
Track Health Outcomes
Surveys & Assessments
Opioid Addiction
Nursing Home Staff Productivity Analytics
Weekly Rolling Census (For billing and planning purposes)
Team Base Senior Care

Data Strategy & Roadmap

Case Study – SeniorLink Caregiver Homes

Operational Data Store & Business Intelligence Reporting

Pain Points

  • Loosely designed application with flexible business rules resulting in incorrect transaction sequence.
  • No customer master, no organization hierarchy master.
  • Non-Standard reference data across states.
  • 4-5 different teams working in a disorganized manner.
  • Regular updates to historical transactions.
  • Loose definition of reporting metrics.
  • Legacy manual excel & stored proc based reporting solution with fluctuating counts and manual interventions.


  • Extracted business logic from existing reporting solution.
  • Profile data to reverse engineer source application.
  • Mapped consumer lifecycle and identified non-conforming events.
  • Created Organization hierarchy & customer master.
  • Created Operational Data Store for daily and monthly reporting.
  • Generated historical counts every day to account for updates to historical transactions.
  • Provided daily data quality reports to fix data in source system.
  • Created a mechanism to fix bad data before it is reported out.


  • Identification & clean up of bad events.
  • Accurate counts for following:
    • Currently placed consumers
    • New Opportunities
    • Open Referrals
    • Open Qualified
    • Being Assessed
    • Application Submitted
    • Approved
    • Closed Opportunities
    • Currently Suspended Consumers
    • Alternate Placement Days per week.
    • Weekly Placement Activity
    • Weekly Suspensions
    • Weekly Reactivations
    • Weekly Discharges

Solution Architecture