Senior Care/Health Care Analytics

Our Healthcare Analytics offerings are powered by data-driven transformations. Our technical and healthcare domain expert’s teams seamlessly combine strategy, big data and advanced analytics, and implementation processes to change the way healthcare companies perceive business decisions, and act on it. We empower healthcare providers with the power of big data and its potential to predict when someone might be at risk of a health event. For Elder care we specialize in big data and analytics services using sensor’s data, medical device data, and data mining using medical history. Thus leveraging integrated data from multiple sources we solve specific problems for Seniors’ healthcare related issues.

Data Strategy & Roadmap

our serivce offerings

Our Senior Care Analytics service offerings cover dashboard development, predictive analytics, decision support systems and all the way till machine learning driven systems.
data-driven analysis

Analyze your senior’s health with the power of business intelligence and dashboards built from years of medical history.

deep insights

Identify risks that your seniors may face and deal with them as per the importance level.

smart care decision

Get recommendations form our system that will help your seniors in taking preventive actions.

care intelligence

Our big data and machine learning algorithms learn patters using health records of your senior to provide apt care.

We cover full spectrum of distributed big-data technologies​ ​