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Change Of Condition - Meal Delivery
Change of Condition (CoC) is a meal delivery and a health status check app for seniors currently used by Minuteman Senior, Spring Well Elder Services, Highland Valley Elder Services etc. This US Aging award winning application not only eases the process of delivering the food but also helps the drivers make a note of the visible change in consumer health status. Some of the app features include:
  • Route Optimization & App Integration
  • Android, iOS & Web platforms
  • Real-time Notifications to Dining-site Coordinators, Caregivers, Family members, Drivers, etc
  • Automated follow-up action assignments for caregivers
AI Pharma Chatbot
AI Pharma Chatbot
Pharma Chatbot is a rapid deployment tool for Pharmaceutical companies to increase engagement with Health Care Professionals (HCPs), Health Care Organizations (HCOs), Customers, Patients, Sales Representatives and field force using AI powered Medical Information Digital Assistant that provides automated support and connects with a live agent when needed. The product is currently in use by GSK US medical affairs. Some of the chatbot features include:
  • Start using pre-built chatbot templates.
  • Create conversation workflows.
  • Publish the chatbot as a widget on your existing website.
  • Integrate with most content management systems.
  • Automate most of your call center conversations.
  • Re-configure the chatbot with a simple administrative interface.
  • Review analytics and user interests.
Configurable chatbot that can be deployed within any mobile app, web app or internal portals
  • Automate Information Technology help desk interactions.
  • Allow employees to search for analytics and 
  • Allow connectivity to agents.
  • Based on Angular, Node.js, Python AI, no-SQL and Relational database technologies. 
  • Can be deployed on-prem, AWS, Azure or any other cloud platforms.
  • Can integrate with most content management and ERP systems.
FOIA Response Acceleration
FOIA Response Acceleration for OGC

Artificial Intelligence (AI) based FOIA, Subpoena, Records request response acceleration solution for state government, federal government agencies & school systems.

  • Browser based tool with modern reactive UI
  • Grouping of emails into conversations.
  • Multi-user parallel redaction for large matters.
  • Topic-based auto assignment for tasks.
Communication platform built by Y Point to allow interactions between a personal trainer and their clients. Platform allows Gym owners to monitor these interactions to ensure client satisfaction. This application is currently used by 100+ gyms across United States.
  • Allows trainers to seamlessly communicate with their clients using mobile text messages.
  • Build lasting relationships through personalized text communications.
  • Manage member specific goals.
  • Centralize all member information in one place.
  • Empower trainers to work as a team with members.
  • Integration with other applications like Zendesk
CrisisResolve is an AI based on-line urgent care mental health platform. CrisisResolve is not just for people in crisis: it is designed for use by anyone in need of immediate assistance. The application can be accessed from a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone and provides direct and confidential access to professional therapy. Some of the features include:
  • Conversational Chatbot – to triage and assess patients with self-assessment tools with recommendations to quickly assess the level of crisis, including the degree of danger or risk, and provides human-powered clinical follow-up to resolve the crisis.
  • Conversational Manager & Case Management – a clinical tool set to review triage results, communicate with patients, and to review and adjust personalized treatment plans.
  • Patient Engagement – an adaptive activation program to assist patients with learning about and managing their condition.
  • Partner Portals – for use with a marketplace for referrals, institutions, practices, corporations and other ecosystem partners.
TeamCarer offers technology-enabled team-based care for in-home seniors who need daily living assistance such as bathing, grooming, dressing, personal hygiene, medication reminders, and other care needs. It is a local company with service areas in Boston Metro, Metro West, Brookline, Newton, Wellesley, and Needham, MA.
Teamcarer app enhances the lives of aging adults and their families. It allows a team of caregivers to support each other and enables them to serve seniors better.
Epid Safe
Epid Safe

A Ticket to Work, School & Recreation

  • A Mobile App gathers user risk data into a Risk Score
  • Users give Gatekeepers instant access to Risk Score
  • Information sharing is controlled by users
  • Application can be hosted on Azure, AWS and secure On-premis
  • Can be made available in multiple languages
  • Any and all data centers
Contact Tracing

Contact Tracers can use the portal to rapidly collect information from contacts of infected individuals, and communicate based on standard communication templates. And various other features such as

  • Customize Outbreak (Covid-19), health department name, and health department logo.
  • Country-specific data centers & URL’s.
  • Mobile app for quarantined individuals to self-report location, symptoms, and health status.
  • Alert case managers of changes in quarantine or health status of cases.
Application Development

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