We work across Pharma, Government, Senior Care, Affordable Housing, Logistics, Health Insurance and Financial industries.

We believe in being strategic partners and advisors to our clients where we help them anticipate the future challenges to a business or future disruptions. We work very hard to continuously simplify our solutions to reduce maintenance overheads.


Every federal agency generates tons of data each year. As and when new systems are developed, the old documentation is digitized and hence more data is generated. Federal agencies understand that data analytics and intelligence can help them unlock the government of the future—better operations, better public service and better decision making for its citizens. 

  • Create Proof Of Concepts
  • Improve Policy Implementation And Decision
  • Maximize Return On Investment Of Public Money
  • Gain New Insights
  • Empower Policy Makers With Facts And Different Facets Of Data
  • Reduce Crime Rates And Frauds Using Predictive Analytics
  • Improve Process Automation Using Machine Learning
  • Provide Greater Public Service Using Chatbots And Ai (Bot)
Senior Care/Health Care Analytics
Our Healthcare Analytics offerings are powered by data-driven transformations. Our technical and healthcare domain expert’s teams seamlessly combine strategy, big data and advanced analytics, and implementation processes to change the way healthcare companies perceive business decisions, and act on it. We empower healthcare providers with the power of big data and its potential to predict when someone might be at risk of a health event. For Elder care we specialize in big data and analytics services using sensor’s data, medical device data, and data mining using medical history. Thus leveraging integrated data from multiple sources we solve specific problems for Seniors’ healthcare related issues.
  • Data-driven Analysis
  • Deep Insights
  • Smart Care Decision
  • Care Intelligence
Low Income Housing
We specialize in providing Application Development, Data Analytics, Products & Services for Public Housing, Low Income Housing, Housing Choice, Section 8 and RAD (Rental Assistance Demonstration).
We support Housing Authorities in making executive decisions that drive greater success in making affordable housing available to those in need. We have strong understanding of HUD policies, regulations and day to day technology needs of Housing Authorities. We will help empower your housing authority to make more informed, data-driven decisions to meet your mission.
  • HUD & State Compliance
  • FOIA Response Acceleration
  • Live Executive Dashboards
  • Assessment & Modernization
  • Public Safety & Crime
  • Waitlist Management
  • Board Reports
  • IT Services
  • Communication Automation
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