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A mental health crisis is any situation in which a person’s behavior puts them at risk of hurting themselves or others and/or prevents them from being able to care for themselves or function effectively.


  • What if you had the opportunity to save thousands of lives?
  • What if you could help make the world safer?
  • What if you could destigmatize and change the paradigm of mental health treatment?
The Problem

For people experiencing a mental health crisis, there are no good options.

  • A 911 call results in an ER visit, hours of waiting or involuntary hospitalization
  • Mental Health hotlines are inefficient, inconvenient, outdated, limited and run by volunteers.
The Solution

CrisisResolveprovides an online mental health urgent care platform.


It was built to get people the proper help within the all-important 19-minute timeframe.


CrisisResolveis are changing the paradigm by assessing and evaluating mental health issues, including dangerousness, on the spot using AI and deep learning.


Unlike our competitors, we offer a comprehensive approach, including evaluation, on-demand professional treatment, and ongoing support.

How it Works

Person in crisis contacts CrisisResolvethrough mobile phoneor online (first 19 minutes are free) and communicates with chat bot

AI determines level of crisisusing intelligent assessment

Patient is connected to a live mental health professional for therapy via text, video, phone or chat

Online therapy, outside referrals and remote patient monitoring provide ongoing support ecosystem